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Hi it’s Emma here from Embody Dance. This blog will talk about Acro Dance – what it is and its benefits to young dancers. I have personally been dancing Acro since I was just 4 years old. I believe it is a strong foundation for all dance styles as it promotes balance, flexibility, teamwork and strength.

What is Acro?

Acro DanceAcro dance is a shortened name for Acrobatics. It combines strong held positions with fluid dance movements to create exciting choreography. At Embody Dance, dancers learn the foundations of Acro in a safe environment and how to apply these skills safety in practise and on stage.

Acro Dance is a progressive dance style where children first learn the basics. To then progress onto ‘bigger tricks’ once they have mastered the foundations. We want our students to reach their goals but most importantly, we want them to be safe and go through the steps of each position so that they can have healthy bodies as they grow.

Acro dance is an art form that incorporates both fluid and graceful movements of dance and the difficult tricks from acrobatics. Dancers not only learn how to execute each move with strength, flexibility, and technique, but also learn how to incorporate it into a dance routine. Although gymnastics and acrobatics are very similar, it’s the execution that makes them different. Both require a lot of strength, balance, agility, flexibility, and coordination. Gymnastics is a sport that focuses on mainly speed and hard-hitting tumbling passes on four different events. Acrobatics is an art form that has a softer and more lyrical touch with a focus on strength. Acro gives dancers a solid foundation to build strength, flexibility, coordination, and control of their body. Acro is a great creative outlet for their feelings and self-expression. They’ll be able to express themselves through movement and learn how to channel their energy into positivity.

Embody Dance teaches Acro at our Nuneaton and Hinckley Dance Schools and incorporates Acro as part of the Kids Mixed Style Class in Bedworth.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog,
Emma at Embody Dance

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