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Embody Dance established in 2009, is a nurturing & supportive dance community which engages, excites & empowers all ages & abilities. Classes operate from our own Embody Dance Studio in Weddington, Nuneaton. At Embody teachers inspire dancers to both work as a team and grow as an individual. There are no costumes, no exams & no stress. All classes are taught by Degree Qualified Teachers who see the potential in every dancer.

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Embody Dance Class

Embody Dance was founded in 2009 by Emma Bright who wished to create a company that made dance accessible to all. Embody’s ethos ‘Giving Everybody the Chance to Dance’ was born whilst Emma studied Dance at The University of Chichester. Emma drew the Embody logo by hand whilst studying in Chichester & hoped someday that somebody would see it. Returning to her hometown of Nuneaton, Emma founded Embody Dance with the mission to; Engage. Excite & Empower dancers of all ages & abilities in a nurturing & supportive environment.

Embody has been delivering classes for over thirteen years across the communities of Nuneaton, Bedworth, Hinckley & Coventry, engaging hundreds of dancers in weekly classes. In September 2021 Embody Dance opened its own dance studio in Nuneaton.

Each year Embody Dance stages an annual show at Bedworth Civic Hall. Hundreds of Embody dancers aged 4-84 take part in the Embody Show in a celebration of another year of Embody Dance.

Emma is very proud of all the classes that Embody Dance continues to provide in the community. Emma’s favourite part of Embody is still handing a dancer their first Embody t-shirt with the Embody Logo that she created by hand all those years ago. Emma still can’t choose her favourite Embody Class to teach as she loves them all!

Embody Dance – Giving everybody the chance to dance

The Embody mission is to inspire and empower children and adults of ALL abilities to engage in dance.

Embody is a nurturing & supportive community dance school which inspires, excites & unites – ‘Giving Everybody the Chance to Dance’.

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Tiger Feet Classes

Tiger Feet Dance Classes are designed for any dancer with any additional needs.

Our Tiger Feet gives any child or adult with an additional need the opportunity to enjoy dance as a hobby.

Classes take place in the community across the Midlands so that adults can attend weekly.

Specialist Tiger Feet Dance classes for adults and children with any kind of additional needs.

Seated Dance Sessions

Seated dance is designed for older adults and usually take place in day centres and residential care homes. The classes fuse together music and dance. Furthermore classes inspire participants to move, reminisce and converse. In addition, classes strive to create a sense of community and increase social interaction. We do this through the use of props such as bells, ribbons and shakers.

Specialist classes for older adults with limited movement, dementia and additional needs.

Dance in Education

For over ten years Embody Dance has created positive and enriching relationships with local schools. Above all, we do this by engaging with children through dance in education.

Embody Dance currently provides both curriculum dance classes in schools PE lessons and after-school clubs across Coventry and Warwickshire.

Specialist classes for children in education both within class and after-school clubs available.

We asked: ‘Why did you chose Embody Dance? It would be great to hear from you guys about why Embody appeals to you and your dancer!’


Embody holds the community aspect at its heart – it’s not about expensive costumes and make up, it’s not about where you live or your circumstance, it’s about coming together to enjoy dancing without barriers or unnecessary pressures.

Nuneaton Dance School


Embody is fun and enjoyable. There is no pressure on the children, they are there to purely dance and have a good time. And as parents we don’t need to take out a second mortgage for costumes for dance shows! I always recommend Embody when anyone asks me where the girls dance x

Nuneaton Dance School


There is no pressure for the children, which is especially important as Nathan regularly adds his own little twiddly bits into routines. The children turn up, do their best, have fun and leave. What more could we ask for!

Hinckley & Barwell Dance School


It’s the whole experience
Having 2 girls in very different age groups means they can dance to their age and ability, my youngest loves the freedom to express
In the different dances and it’s all about having a go even if it’s wrong as long as you’re having fun!
My elder daughter now does 2 classes, and this again was down to Emma noticing her talent and letting her join another group too, there is potential and its noticed and left to progress and it’s not forced its always up to the children,
My girls have never been happier at a dance school or stayed for this long we all love our Embody family

Hinckley & Barwell Dance School