Starting My Dance Apprenticeship

Starting My Dance ApprenticeshipHi, I’m Ceri, I am sixteen years old and I am an apprentice with Embody Dance studying for a Level 2 Coaching Course.

I am going to start at the beginning. Starting my apprenticeship was a mix of emotions. There was a lot of changes, but others were familiar and comfortable. The main aspect of change was that I was developing from a student / volunteer to an official teacher. This was changing my role at Embody Dance and I was excited to learn.

I felt a little scared but more excitement, motivation, and pure happiness. There were bits of fear sprinkled in my emotions, however these sprinkles of fear defiantly had a positive role to play. The fear allowed me to move forwards in my apprenticeship. Fear is good, it ensures your development, keeps you focused and willing to learn. I defiantly still have this willingness to learn.

The information and skills that I had to learn and develop for the start of the apprenticeship were timetables and venues, how to set up for a class and how they run in more detail. I began to learn about planning and Covid Procedures. I learned about being Covid Safe, entering and exiting venues, setting up and taking down things after classes and how zoom works and online lessons work.

At the beginning …

At the beginning of my apprenticeship, I had to work on being louder and getting my voice to the back of the room while teaching. The Embody teachers and I would spend time before the class working on voice projection. For example, they would stand at the back of the room, and I would go over a dance and they would tell me if I needed to be louder, we would do this until I was and eventually, I always got there and now it has stuck!

Overall, the start of the apprenticeship was a lot in all aspects but defiantly gave me everything I needed to begin teaching properly and the motivation to learn. I am looking forward to the next stage of my apprenticeship and can’t wait to learn more with Embody Dance.

Thank you for reading,
Ceri at Embody Dance

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