Holiday Dance Activities

Holiday Dance ActivitiesHello and welcome to May’s blogs, all about Holiday Dance Activities, what Embody has provided, what we currently provide and what we aim to strive for in the future. At the end of the month will be an update about our new Disney Dance Days coming up in Summer 2022.

Why dance as a holiday activity?

Within school holidays children want to get creative and have fun.

Parents want children to socialise with others their own age and burn off all that extra energy! So why dance through the holidays?

Dance engages children of all ages and abilities through music. Dance is non-competitive and children learn many social skills by dancing as a team. At Embody Dance we inspire creativity and nurture friendships through specially created dances, crafts, and team games.

What holiday activities have been successful in the past?

Holiday Dance ActivitiesEmbody Dance has been providing Summer dance provision since 2016, that’s right – we have many years of experience delivering Summer Dance Days and Summer Dance Camps. In the Summer of 2016, Embody Dance established eight dance camps in the wards of Nuneaton & Bedworth. Each camp was themed around the Olympic Games. These camps were provided free of charge to all children through the Bedworth County Councillors Grants.
Since 2016, Embody Dance has provided many different holiday activities for children across the boroughs of Nuneaton and Bedworth. Amongst our most successful camps are; The Greatest Showman, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and many more.

Summer Dance Days 2022

This year will be running 16 Disney Dance Days as part of our Summer Dance Activities at our Embody Studio in Nuneaton. These days will be provided in association with Warwickshire HAF programme. Within the HAF programme all children who receive free school meals will have free places on the Disney Days, which will include a meal each day.

Check back in next week to learn a little more about Embody’s work Warwickshire HAF and the benefits it has for children in the Nuneaton and Bedworth area.
Pop over to and check out our ‘Holiday Activities’ Page to find out more about what we offer for children during school holidays.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog – Holiday Dance Activities.

See you soon,

Emma at Embody Dance

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