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The Studio
All Embody Classes are held at our purpose built Embody Dance Studio, Nuneaton with the exception of Mancetter Adult Dance, Coventry Adult Dance and Tiger Feet.
At Embody Dance we do not take grades or exams or enter competitions. We are a non-competitive dance school which is a nurturing & supportive environment for children & teens
After an initial paid trial students register for direct debit payments which are split across 40 weeks of the year. A basic class of £5 is £16.67 per month.
Yes. We run paid trials which are 50p dearer than the regular class, after a trial students have the option to continue with classes at Embody Dance.
At Embody Dance, many of the children like to wear an Embody t-shirt but it is not compulsory. Your child will need to wear clothes that they can move in and bare feet for all classes.
Dance classes are broken down into several sections. Warmups, technical exercises, traveling work and routines. If it is a show term, the focus is mostly on the show dances for that class.
We perform one large show each year in the Spring Term. There are no costumes for this show, dancers wear their Embody Star T-shirts for the performance.
Embody Dance runs term-time only, breaking for the school holidays. During the holidays we offer Children’s Dance Camps.

Tiger Feet

Tiger Feet classes are designed specifically for children and adults with additional needs including wheelchair and seated dancers. All ages and abilities are welcome.
Tiger Feet Dancers are encouraged to stand on a spot marker which marks their dance space. Tiger Feet Classes are structured with familiar dances and songs each week with changes occurring when each group is ready. Tiger Feet classes use props and music to inspire movement, fun and laughter.
Yes. A Tiger Feet Dance Teacher can come into your venue and deliver a unique session for your group. Here, the classes are charged at a flat rate per organization.
Support workers attend class Free of charge but are expected to join in with the class and support their dancer with individual needs.
Children’s Classes are paid for half termly in advance using our online portal. Students must sign up for their classes and pay in advance for each half term via the portal. Adult Classes are usually paid weekly in cash to the dance teacher on arrival at the class. Day Centres and Organisations are invoiced monthly for Tiger Feet Sessions.
Tiger Feet Classes run during school holidays and only take a break during Christmas and Bank Holidays.

Adult Dance

Adult Dance Classes include everyone from age 18+, however the majority of our adult dancers are aged between fifty and eighty years old. Classes are taken standing up and focus on the joy that comes from dancing in a group to popular music from all different genres.
No. Adult Dance is similar to an aerobics or exercise class so you dance alone!
No not at all! All dances and simple and easy to follow, you don’t even need to remember the routines as the Embody teacher will dance in front of you and you can copy along!
Payments need to be made by contactless card at the class venue before the class starts. All classes are paid weekly apart from Mancetter which is fully booked so is paid monthly in advance.
No. Adult Dancers do have the opportunity to dance in the Embody Show each year at Bedworth Civic Hall. However, this is completely optional and is not a requirement of attending an Adult Dance Class. Many Adult dancers come to watch their friends on stage, whereas others like to strut their stuff on stage!
Adult Dance classes take a break during school holidays - classes do not take place on Bank Holidays.

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Giving Everybody the Chance to Dance

The whole team are so welcoming and nurturing of all the dancers and my daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons.

Becky Coombs

After Lockdown my 5 year old had become very nervous – Embody has really helped her to come out her shell. Emma, Sara and Ceri are absolutely amazing, they are encouraging and patient.

Gemma Wheatley

I was at embody for 10 years-  I can honestly say embody is the best dance school with the best atmosphere from not only students but also the cheerful atmosphere from all of the teachers.

Ellie-Jane Bateman

At Embody you will never be ‘not good enough’, you just have to want to dance 😃⭐️

Kate Burford

Embody holds the community aspect at its heart – it’s not about expensive costumes and make up, it’s not about where you live or your circumstance, it’s about coming together to enjoy dancing without barriers or unnecessary pressures.

Kate McKenna-Bass

Embody is fun and enjoyable. There is no pressure on the children, they are there to purely dance and have a good time.

Gail Barnes

The children turn up, do their best, have fun and leave. What more could we ask for!

Sarah Lester

My girls have never been happier at a dance school or stayed for this long we all love our Embody Family

Julie Burrows