Pre-School Dance

Come along to Embody Dance Studio Nuneaton & join in our carer & child dance class where movement, music & props combine to create special memories!

Pre-School Dance is a great fun and interactive regular dance session for 0 to 5 year old children and their carers. Classes are a great way to make friends and socialise with other children in a fun friendly environment. 

Pre-School DanceClasses are designed for 0-5 years to attend with a parent or guardian who joins in with the dance class alongside their little one. Classes include all abilities and children with SEND are welcome.
Classes are held at our professional dance studio, Embody Dance Studio in Weddington, Nuneaton. 

Preschool Dance Classes use nursery rhymes and  familiar children’s songs to create simple dances and exercises. We journey around the room, fly to the moon and jump as high as a kangaroo. 
Classes use props such as ribbons, shakers and scarves to engage little ones and stimulate their senses. Children delight in receiving a prop and dancing along to their favourite tunes. Props are handed to all children and parents are encouraged to engage babies with props. All props are cleaned before and after each class. 

Within the session, children are encouraged to be themselves and enjoy dancing and movement. There are no grades, no exams and no pressure at Embody Dance as we are a non-competitive dance school.

Pre-School Dance Classes also allow parents and family members to meet in an informal setting, creating friendships and a sense of community. Pre-school dance provided a fantastic start in any child’s journey. Classes will increase toddlers confidence, balance, co-ordination, self-expression and rhythm. Once children have reached 4 years of age they are welcome to try our Juniors Dance Class which is next stage in our Embody Dance Class progression.

Classes are 30 minutes in length and are taught by company director Emma Bright and teacher Ceri Grant.
Pre-School Dance

Currently, classes on Mondays
9:45-10:20am & 10:30-11:05 
Classes are £3  and are paid weekly by contactless card payment. 

For more information about Pre-School Dance  Contact Us Today – 07533916231