Musical Theatre Dance Class

Build your little ones confidence and allow them to express themselves through the magic Musical Theatre! Embody Dance offers Musical Theatre dance classes at Embody Dance Studio, Nuneaton for ages 4+. At Embody Dance we engage children in fun and stimulating musical theatre dance classes which allow children, to dance, act and sing – all in one class!

Musical Theatre Class NuneatonKids Dance Nuneaton

Musical Theatre Dance Classes are taught by Sara Chowrimootoo, our lead Musical Theatre teacher. Sara has a degree in dance but also a huge background in Musical Theatre, Professional Performance and Singing.  Musical Theatre Dance Class

Let Sara teach you to sing and dance at the same time whilst listening to your favourite songs from Disney and Musicals such as Frozen, Tangled, Grease, Matilda and many more. 

See our Studio Timetable for Class Days and Times