Acro Dance Classes Nuneaton

Embody Dance provides Acro dance classes at Embody Dance Studio Nuneaton. Acro is Emma’s very favourite style as she likes to see the huge improveme

nt dancers make in each class. 

Acro Dance Classes

What is Acro Dance?

Acro dance is a shortened name for Acrobatics. It combines strong held positions with fluid dance movements to create exciting choreography. At Embody Dance, dancers learn the foundations of Acro in a safe environment and how to apply these skills safety in practise and on stage.

Acro Dance is a progressive dance style


where children first learn the basics. To then progress onto ‘bigger tricks’ once they have mastered the foundations. We want our students to reach their goals but most importantly, we want them to be safe and go through the steps of each position so that they can have healthy bodies as they grow.

Our Acrobatic classes are designed to build confidence, body awareness and control – you will learn to cartwheel, handstand, leap, lift, roll and walkover!

Acro Dance Class

We have two Acro classes available on a variety of days. Acro 1 is suitable for beginners and Acro 2 is suitable for improvers.

See our Studio Timetable for days and times of Acro Dance Classes. 

Click here for more in depth details about Acro Dance.