F.A.Q. Tiger Feet

All Embody Classes are held at our purpose built Embody Dance Studio, Nuneaton with the exception of Mancetter Adult Dance, Coventry Adult Dance and AT7 Tiger Feet.
At Embody Dance our dancer’s safety is our priority. We have very comprehensive safety procedures, risk assessment and are very strict about the rules surrounding Covid 19. Tiger Feet Dance Classes will be following government guidelines closely.
Tiger Feet classes are designed specifically for children and adults with additional needs including wheelchair and seated dancers. All ages and abilities are welcome.
Tiger Feet Dancers are encouraged to stand on a spot marker which marks their dance space. Tiger Feet Classes are structured with familiar dances and songs each week with changes occurring when each group is ready. Tiger Feet classes use props and music to inspire movement, fun and laughter.
Yes. A Tiger Feet Dance Teacher can come into your venue and deliver a unique session for your group. Here, the classes are charged at a flat rate per organization.
Support workers attend class Free of charge but are expected to join in with the class and support their dancer with individual needs.
Children’s Classes are paid for half termly in advance using our online portal. Students must sign up for their classes and pay in advance for each half term via the portal. Adult Classes are usually paid weekly in cash to the dance teacher on arrival at the class. Day Centres and Organisations are invoiced monthly for Tiger Feet Sessions.
Tiger Feet Classes run during school holidays and only take a break during Christmas and Bank Holidays.