Embody Adult Dance

Adult Dance 50+

Are you 50+? Do you want to have fun and keep fit? Come and join our friendly Adult dance classes in Nuneaton.

No need for a dance partner in these classes! No need to worry about remembering steps or complicated routines…our Degree Qualified Dance Teachers will dance in-front of you at all times so you can just follow along! 

Focusing on the enjoyment that can come from dance and music, the group is guided through simple but challenging routines from musicals such as Mama Mia, Salsa inspired routines and
aerobic-style sequences.
Each dancer can tailor the class to suit their physical ability – the main aim is to have fun and improve your fitness, balance and co-ordination.

Embody provides weekly Adult Dance classes at our professional dance studio in Weddington, Nuneaton and additionally in community buildings in Mancetter, Bedworth and Coventr. 

Classes are taught by instructors who have been teaching adults  for over 13 years. We also provide Seated Dance classes within day centres, community groups and residential care homes.

Dance in older age has so many benefits both physically and emotionally, come along to one of our specially designed adult dance classes to relax, have fun and dance!

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Adult Dance 50+

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